About NACN-Canada

NACN-Canada members at the Annual General Meeting Nov. 11, 2019
Left to Right: Emilia Gilmour, Jody Macdonald, Jody Harper, Freida Chavez, Fr Peter Turrone, Louela Manakil-Rankin, Rachel Mathie, Helen McGee,

The Association is established to support and strengthen the vocation of nurses and other health professionals within the apostolic tradition of the Catholic Church. It is a community that seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit through an ever-wider involvement of health professionals who wish to align their practice with Catholic teaching. It holds that Catholic nurses and other health professionals practice their professions as a vocation anchored in the Word, nourished through the sacraments, and in personal witness to Christ, bearing testimony to Him by their lives and professional practice.


The Association launched on June 25, 2018 at the Newman Centre, 89 St. George St., Toronto, with Mass celebrated by our chaplain. Nurses of various specialties, new graduates, and student nurses joined prospective students of other health disciplines, a lawyer, a dietitian, and a physician. Participants discussed moral distress in the current academic and health care climate.

Other 2018 achievements:

  • Established a Board of Directors
  • Developed a set of statutes
  • Received Cardinal Thomas Collins‘ support of the Association’s application for affiliation with an international Catholic nurses’ association, CICIAMS
  • Launched a membership campaign
  • Achieved affiliation with CICIAMS, The International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants – Comité- International Catholique des Infermières et Assistantes Medico-Sociales

Our Affiliation